Blanc Ricevimenti takes care of all the stationary and creative part of the wedding invitations. Whether you want it to be “italian theme” or classy and chic we will present you different styles and take care of the printing. You only have to choose (or pin ;)) what you adore and it’s going to be made for you!

Wedding Invitations
The wedding invitation says a lot about the wedding theme, it is basically an introduction to it. They have to be perfect just like the wedding day itself! The wording, the font, the colors..all of is very important. Blanc has now a lot of experience with every matter when it comes to weddings. We are able to understand our brides ideas straight away. No creative idea is too far-fetched! We are and we have everything you need!

The stationary should reflect your idea of the wedding and a little sneak-peak of what your guest should expect on your most important day. We have hundred of ideas when it comes to luxe designs and etcetera. We also help you afterwards if you want to follow up the big day with some personalized “Thank You” cards.

We offer a wide variety of paper samples. Different colors and patterns matching the most beautiful wedding fonts. We think it’s important to have a feeling of the materials, textures and weight.  Nobody will feel what is right for you better than yourself.

We also have different design if you wish to play it safe and chic with our tried and tested design that are guaranteed to make an impression!



"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled, because you knew"

- William Shakespeare -