Legal documentation

Legal documentation

Blanc Ricevimenti can help you fulfill all the legal requirements for getting married in Italy

We have all the information on the legal requirements for getting married in Italy whatever country you come from. We also have 20 years experience that allows us to be prepared for every legal need when it comes to brides. We have put a lot of effort to ensure the information that we provide is correct and up to date. We regularly consult with Embassies or Consulates of different countries for the most accurate info. This is our job, and brides should only think of how beautiful their wedding is going to be without worrying of these matters.

The following illustrates briefly what we can do about the legal documentation and paper that you will need to get married in Italy.

We can help with the following things:


Depending on your country, you will most likely need a Nulla Osta, which is the document required by the Italian Authorities to get married in Italy. We can help you obtain this in the shortest amount of time possible.


Sometimes you need to have a valid residence stay in Italy before you can get married. In order to fulfill these requirements, we can help you get the necessary documentation without too much fuss. We have done this many times and we have to be smooth and error-free.


You wedding in Italy will be internationally valid and cartificated by a very important document. Sometimes they only issue on copy of this when

you might want to have more than one. We also take care of that.

For more info and more specific info on the legal requirements to get married in Italy, contact us!

Legal documentation

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