Boutique Wedding

We want you to know that having the wedding of your dreams is possible and with our help can become a reality.

Getting married in Italy will be a special experience for everyone and having a wedding in Tuscany is guaranteed to amaze you and your guests. We create each wedding from scratch and develop details with experts, making a perfectly tailored wedding suited to your personal taste. Your special day will be a piece of art and a very glamorous experience. This is what we call “boutique wedding”. Whether you prefer a religious ceremony or a civil wedding, we will plan it to be a romantic experience and a blessing for your future life together. The surrounding Tuscan hills and vineyards will bear witness to the day you say “I do”, making it a truly magical moment. Our 16-year-old experience is at your side to help you plan the best wedding in Tuscany. We don’t just plan a wedding, we design it! We want to help you find the "right" wedding venue in Tuscany; which could be a timeless medieval castle, a glamorous vineyard, a charming small town or an exquisite and luxurious villa. A wedding planner can help you create a timeline for your event, help with exact procedures and paperwork necessary to marry legally, or have an unforgettable blessing with family and friends. We will find the perfect venue and provide all of the necessary services to create the overall visual aesthetic of the wedding you’ve always dreamed of! Creating the atmosphere of your wedding means organizing the lighting, musical entertainment, decor, catering, venue, photographer, chauffeurs, stationery, seating plan, fireworks, children's entertainment, wedding gift registry list and thoughtful gifts for your guests. We do whatever we can to create a celebration planned down to every last detail. It is very important that every guest is treated wonderfully and that their time spent together will be enjoyable and memorable. We are very active on Pinterest, check our pins! You can also check the pictures in our Gallery.

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